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The Programme of Postgraduate Studies (P.P.S) in European Policies on Youth, Education and Culture aims to provide a postgraduate level of education. Upon completion of the programme, graduates will have obtained a strong scientific background in planning and implementing EU policies regarding youth, education and culture as well as good academic and career prospects.
More specifically, the P.P.S aims:

  • To provide high level of studies, knowledge of planning and implementing EU policies on youth, education and culture
  • To prepare graduates for studies and research at doctoral level
  • To teach theory, methodology and policies for the development of integrated solutions, research proposals, the use of training material and activities for youth, education and culture
  • To train new scientists and offer them all the necessary skills for a successful career in the private, public and academic sectors.


The P.P.S offers the possibility of full time and part-time attendance. In case of full time attendance, the minimum duration to obtain the master’s degree is three (3) semesters. In case of part-time attendance, the minimum duration of the programme is five (5) semesters.


The official teaching language is Greek.

Number of students

The maximum number of students admitted is (thirty) 30 per year.


3.600€, in five(5) installments. Moreover, 30€ upon the candidate submission and 40€ to cover graduation expenses.


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